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Weekly Paasuram Quest — 369 (May 28, 2017)
Spot The Paasuram

Dear Fellow-Bhagavathas,

The following is concise meaning of a Paasuram taken from Naalaayira Divya Prabandham. Some details such as the name of the Divyadesam, the Lord, etc. occuring therein, may be masked (indicated by *-----*). You are required to identify the Paasuram and mark the answer using the list boxes provided below (click to the right of the boxes and choose from the list that appears).

The last day for receipt of entries for this week's Quest, is coming Saturday (midnight IST). It may be remembered that a new Quest will be uploaded on every Sunday.

The correct answer and the list of successful participants will be put up (in the chronological order) on Sunday, along with the new edition of the ?quest?.

The Results for Quest No. 335 (October 2) to Quest No. 347 (December 25) are available under the sub-menu ‘Cumulative Results’.

The prizes are sponsored by Sri N. Venkataraman, Chennai - 24.

Communication regarding prize distribution function will be made in due course.

For any clarification, The Editor may be contacted on 0-94444-13746.

Please feel free to e-mail your views to quiz@svdd.com.

Weekly Paasuram Quest - 369


Concise Meaning:

He is the ----- who sucked the ----- of an -----; one who is akin to a ----- elephant calf; one who got immersed into the ----- and ----- of the ----- with eyes resembling a female -----; one who is the ----- of Brahmanas; one who ----- with Gopis in yore; one who did ----- dance; one who lifted a ----- and protected the cattle from trouble. (I) Found the Lord in ----- surrounded by fragrant -----.


Prabandham Century Decad Paasuram

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Quest No.:  369 
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