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Sri Vaishnava Sripatham Kainkarya Association (since 1946)

Sri Vaishnavas in and around Mylapore, the Avathara Sthalam of Sri Peyazhwar, the place which Swamy Desikan decided to have a sannidhi, were rendering SriPatha Kainkaryam occasionally in Sri Vedantha Desikar Devasthanam. However, the long-cherished dream was to do this service on a permanent basis similar to the kainkaryam in Srirangam Peria Perumal Temple. They were yearning for an opportunity to make this happen. Divine Will made this a reality on 28th April 1946 and the Association was formed; during the 10-day festival of Sri Bhasyakarar.

During this period, Vaishnavaites from various walks of life volunteered themselves for the activities of the Association with great dedication. The guiding principle of the Association is to not take any remuneration for the service rendered. In fact, it was considered a privilege to be involved in such a venerable Kainkaryam. However, the Devasthanam decided to pay a token sum as honorarium for the service. In turn, the association is doing lot of service and uthsavams.

From this modest beginning, by the Grace of the Dhivya Dhampathis the Association grew. At this moment, one should not forget the significant contribution from many people who helped in building the Association. By no means would it be an exaggeration to say that the Association would not have grown to what it is today but for the untiring and selfless service of our elders.

Initially, the Association functioned as an unregistered entity. On the advice of the well wishers, the Association was registered on 18th February 1958.

Active Sripatha Kainkaryam members were instrumental in constructing a house on the land leased from the temple, using the funds accumulated from the honorarium paid by the temple for the SriPatha Kainkaryam.

The income from the above property is used to perform the following festivals in the temple:

The Yaanai Vahana Yesal and Oyyara Nadai Vaibhavam, the former held on the 6th day of Perumal Bramhothsavam as well as the 8th day of Swamy Desikan Uthsavam, and the latter held on the day of Desikan Satrumurai are very famous and unique in nature.

Apart from the SriPatha kainkaryam, the Association involves itself in activities like

The Association recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary in April 2006 in a grand manner. May the Almighty, Sri Alarmelmanga Naayika Sametha Sri Srinivasa Perumal and Acharyan Swamy Desikan guide this Association and give the wherewithal to carry on the activities forever...

The office-bearers:

President:Sri K. R. Srinivasan
Vice President:Sri S. Veeraraghavan
Secretary:Sri S. Bhakthisaran
Treasurer:Sri R. Deepak
Committee Members:Sri V. Lakshmi Raghavan,
Sri K. Seshadri &
Sri S. Krishna

* * *

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