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Online Quiz on our Tradition

Trail Our Glorious Sampradaya

In focus on Sri Vaishnavism in general and with special reference to Desika Sampradaya, we propose to bring you a monthly Open online quiz on this website, on the 1st of every month, starting April 2007.

This is our humble effort to sustaining the awareness and interest levels in the legacies of our Glorious Sampradaya. In other words, the idea is to make more and more people think about and learn our tradition and to elicit responses from them to generally simple questions.

We hope this would present the visitor/contestant an opportunity to refresh, recollect what he/she knows already, while enabling to learn anew and improve.

We propose to reward the winners by presenting them with prizes as a small token of our appreciation and encouragement in addition to putting up the names of the senders of 'all correct' entries, on the site.

We look forward to your enthusiastic and spontaneous response. Further, we would appreciate if you could spread the word to as many relatives and friends as you can.

* * *

The Rules

  1. Each quiz will have a set of 10 questions, each with multiple-choice answers.
  2. Each correct answer carries a value of 1 point. Thus a participant can score a maximum of 10 points per quiz.
  3. Three winners – subject to a minimum of 8 points each as the top score – will be chosen every month and they will be individually informed through e-mail.
  4. Filling in a valid and consistent e-mail address in the entry form is mandatory.
  5. The points won by a participant for a quiz will not be carried over to the next.
  6. The last date for receiving the entries with answers for a month is the 25th (midnight IST) of the same month.
  7. In case of tied top scores (more than three entries), the computer will draw the three winners and the discretion of the site authorities will be final.
  8. The right answers and the list of the winners of each quiz will be declared on the 1st of the subsequent month.
  9. The authorities’ decision regarding the contest will be final and they reserve the right to modify or discontinue the contest at any time, or to accept or reject entries at their absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same.
  10. Prizes will be given away at a function to be held in the temple premises. Prior intimation will be given to the winners.
  11. Only one submission per individual/email ID shall be entertained.

* * *

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