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Editor's Note - 89 (October 1, 2015)

Varadacharya’s Glowing Obeisance To His Father-Acharya — II

Dear Fellow-Bhagavathas,

The grand finale of Swami Desika’s Thirunakshathra Mahothsavam (Purattasi-Thiruvonam) was celebrated with elan at SVDD on September 24. Hundreds of devotees had a great time basking in the divine atmosphere and were richer by the illustrious Acharya’s grace.

Even as we continue with the second half of Pillai Anthaadhi, the seven-day Pavithrothsavam has begun and Purnahuthi is slated for October 4.

Also, just for the record, 19 of the 20 Paasurams contain the word ‘Thooppul’, the exception being the fifth (அன்று இவ்வுலகினை ஆக்கி...)

Over to the summary of the verses...

11.கற்பகமே என்று...
O, the master of many an art form! Proficient poet! Wondrous one of Thooppul hailed by devotees! I will not call men of this world as the Kalpa tree nor will I get myself distressed by going through the rigours of penance standing on a mountain. (Hence) Bless me with Moksha, the ultimate thing!
12.பொருளானது ஒன்றும்...
O, Vedantha Desika of profound knowledge! Our Lord of Thooppul! There is no means (of salvation) that I possess. And also, owing to ignorance, I practise exactly the opposite of the noble ways of Vedic seers. Alas! I do not have any means except your grace henceforth. So, bless me!
13.ஆறாக எண்ணும்...
O, Lord of Thooppul forever having red, golden form! I do not have the ability to exclusively observe the tough Karma Yoga, Jnaana Yoga or Bhakthi yoga, considered as the means (to Moksha); nor do I possess the requisite austerity. Have not obtained the unwavering faith in the distinguished means (Prapaththi). (This being the case) I shall not, henceforth, forget your feet.
14.நின்பதம் தன்னிலும்...
The unblemished Lord of Thooppul! I have no direct devotion to your feet; nor do I have affinity towards those devotees who have attained your feet. Alas! What’s the use of realising this now? Bless me in your own way. Please help me with your grace!
15.உன்னருள் அன்றி...
O, the light of the famous Thooppul clan! I have no good means other than your grace. Therefore, considering my wellbeing, you get rid of my two strong Karmas — good and bad. Extend your great grace by blessing me with the means (Prapaththi) prescribed by the pristine Ashtakshara!
16.விளக்காகி வேங்கட வெற்பினில்...
O, saviour from Thooppul! Bless me with pure devotion to the Lord who dwells in Thiruvenkatam like a lamp in whose chest His loving Consort lotus dame lives forever and your unflinching devotees! Also remove the state of sham devotion (from me).
17.காவலர் எங்கள்...
O, saviour of all and the king of the Thooppul clan! You attained proficiency in both Divya Prabandham and the Vedas with the grace of and by worshipping the honey-oozing feet of Appullaar, the chief of the Kidambi clan who is saviour to us all. Pray, protect us!
18.அருள் தரும் ஆரண தேசிகனே!...
O, Vedantha Desika who blesses (those who attain him)! Our Lord of Thooppul! One who emerged as the lion among poets and logicians! You snuffed the life out of debaters of other faiths. Please listen to this submission I make with (two) folded hands! O, handsome! Bless me so that my heart (always) thinks about your devotees!
19.தொண்டர் உகக்கும் துணையடி...
O, gem of the Thooppul clan! Hail to the pair of feet coveted by your devotees! Hail to your pure, smiling face! Hail to the hand with the ‘Vyaakhya’ Mudhra! Hail to the stunning Thiruman Kaappu! Hail to your form (Thirumeni) adorned with Thulasi chain, lotus chain and Yajnopaveetham!
20.வடிவழகார்ந்த வண் தூப்புல் வள்ளல்...
I have meticulously composed this Anthaadhi of twenty Paasurams on the soft (lotus) feet of the handsome benefactor of Thooppul for devotees to recite. Those who patronise this by reciting daily with resolve will have their head decorated with the soft feet of the Lord of Thooppul.

So, as prescribed in the final verse, let us daily recite this glowing salutation to Swami Desika and be the recipients of his unbridled grace!

Meet you in the next Note.

எங்கள் தூப்புல் பிள்ளை பாதம் என் சென்னியதே!

Natteri P. Srihari (a) Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar

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