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Editor's Note - 51 (August 1, 2012)

Chathu-Slokee — A Short Hymn With Great Import

Dear Fellow-Bhagavathas,

Today (Aadi-Uthraadam) is the Thirunakshathram of Yaamunacharya, the illustrious grandson of Nathamunigal. We have already seen in Note – 15 the life-sketch and glory of this devout and scholarly saint known as Aala Vandhaar, with special reference to his masterpiece hailed as ‘Sthothra Rathnam’.

In this Note, we shall take up ‘Chathu-Slokee’ another of his philosophy-defining works. For the record, his other six works are: Aagama Praamaanyam, Purusha Nirnayam, Aathma Sidhdhi, Samvidh Sidhdhi, Iswara Sidhdhi and Githaartha Sangraham.

Chathu-Slokee, as it’s name itself indicates consists of four verses. It sings the praise of Goddess Lakshmi. The hymn has been explored extensively by our Acharyas and Swami Desika’s commentary is considered a very significant one as it unequivocally establishes the properties and stature of Lakshmi. The hymn with meaning is presented below:

Salutation to the author:

நமோ நமோ யாமுநாய யாமுநாய நமோ நம:!
நமோ நமோ யாமுநாய யாமுநாய நமோ நம:!!

* * *

காந்தஸ்தே புருஷோத்தம: பணிபதி: சய்யாஸநம் வாஹனம்
வேதாத்மா விஹகேச்வரோ யவநிகா மாயா ஜகந்மோஹிநீ!
ப்ரஹ்மேசாதி ஸுரவ்ரஜ: ஸதயித: த்வத்தாஸ தாஸீகண:
ச்ரீரித்யேவ ச நாம தே பகவதி ப்ரூம: கதம் த்வாம் வயம்!!

“O Goddess! The Supreme among men is Your loving Consort; Aadhi Sesha, the king of serpents, is Your bed and seat; the soul of Vedas and king of birds is Your vehicle; the bewitching great illusion is Your screen; Brahma, Rudhra and all the celestials, with their wives, are Your attendants; Your name itself is Sri; How can we speak of You?”

யஸ்யாஸ்தே மஹிமாநமாத்மந இவ த்வத்வல்லபோபி ப்ரபு:
நாலம் மாதுமியத்தயா நிரவதிம் நித்யாநுகூலம் ஸ்வத:!
தாம் த்வாம் தாஸ இதி ப்ரபந்ந இதி ச ஸ்தோஷ்யாம்யஹம் நிர்பய:
லோகைகேச்வரி லோகநாத தயிதே தாந்தே தயாம் தே விதந்!!

“Even Your Consort who is dear to You because of Your immeasurable qualities, and One who is all-capable, is Himself unable to comprehend Your greatness. O Lakshmi! The only Goddess of the world and the Consort of the lone Master of the world! I, having known Your compassion towards those who look up to You, am going to sing Your praise without fear because I am Your servant and I have surrendered unto You.”

ஈஷத் த்வத்கருணாநிரீக்ஷண ஸுதா ஸந்துக்ஷணாத்ரக்ஷ்யதே
நஷ்டம்ப்ராக் ததலாபத: த்ரிபுவநம் ஸம்ப்ரத்யநந்தோதயம்!
ச்ரேயோ ந ஹ்யரவிந்தலோசந மந: காந்தாப்ரஸாதாத்ருதே
ஸம்ஸ்ருத்யக்ஷர வைஷ்நவாத்வஸு ந்ருணாம் ஸம்பாவ்யதே கர்ஹிசித்!!

“Owing to Your spreading the nectar-like glances of Yours born out of Your compassion, the three worlds which were hitherto at a loss, now stand protected and are eternally on the rise. Without Your blessings, the darling of the lotus-eyed Lord, never will it become possible to experience materialistic pleasure, or the soul’s self-pleasure or Moksham!”

சாந்தாநந்த மஹாவிபூதி பரமம் யத்ப்ரஹ்ம ரூபம் ஹரே:
மூர்த்தம் ப்ரஹ்ம ததோபி தத் ப்ரியதரம் ரூபம் யத் அத்யத்புதம்!
யாந்யந்யாநி யதாஸுகம் விஹரதே ரூபாணி ஸர்வாணிதாநி
ஆஹு: ஸ்வைரநுரூபரூப விபவை: காடோப கூடாநி தே!!

“The constant, limitless One which reigns the Universe is the form of Vishnu, known as Brahmam. The One dear to Him and a marvelously exquisite, virtuous form that indulges in playfulness and all His different forms with matching attributes are closely connected, say the legends.”

Learning and reciting the celebrated hymn is the least we can do to remember the great Acharya and the mercy he has showered on us.

Meet you in the next Note.

எங்கள் தூப்புல் பிள்ளை பாதம் என் சென்னியதே!

Natteri P. Srihari (a) Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar

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