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Editor's Note - 28 (September 1, 2010)

The Esteem Of Bhagavathas In Azhwars’ Outlook - 5

Dear Fellow-Bhagavathas,

After ‘Payilum Sudaroli’ (Thiruvoymozhi 3-7) in the previous Note, ‘Nedumarku Adimai’ (8-10) is being taken up for a brief study here.

If Nammazhwar affirms his unswerving loyalty to Bhagavathas and extols their greatness in the earlier decad, he records his realisation of the fact that serving the Lord’s devotees is even more blissful than serving the Lord Himself, and expresses every bit of his longing for their union in ‘Nedumarku Adimai’.

Now over to the meaning of the Paasurams:

  1. I only thought that I would do service to the great Lord. Lo! What happened! The whole stock of my accumulated sins vanished in a trice and without a trace. How? Come to think of it I realised that ‘clinging to the feet’ did the magic. Having learnt it, will I let go the opportunity to serve the feet of the Lord’s devotees? Never, even if I were to secure the wealth of all three worlds!
  2. The riches of the three worlds and the experience of the soul enjoying itself — individually or both put together — can be no match whatsoever to the bliss I have found here and now… of serving at the feet of selfless devotees of the cloud-hued Lord’s feet bedecked with anklets and flowers.
  3. Is it in the fitness of things for me to get into the fragrant feet of the manikin Lord with lotus eyes who outgrew all three worlds into a beautiful and massive form when His great humble devotees, my masters, are left to roam the earth?
  4. What shame will surround me (none, I am sure) if my Lord of coral lips and lotus eyes who swallowed and spat out the universe has blessed me that I tread the path of Srivaishnavas here? I have mouthful of His names and glories, have His form strongly etched in the mind and worship Him with hands full of worthy flowers.
  5. If I were blessed with service to His lotus feet with the bliss of His swirling flood of divine radiance to boot, would that compare favourably with the kind of divine experience in this birth — albeit in a filthy body — of sitting and enjoying singing His praise with His devotees in a flood of sweet poetry? (It would not).
  6. Would the wealth of the three worlds or even liberation compare favourably with the joy of singing the eternal glories of the Lord — who killed the rutted elephant with His fist of golden Disc and finished the evil-minded Asuras of flowing red hair-locks and ferocious eyes, riding the divine bird —together with Bhavavathas? (It would not).
  7. I would rather look forward to and cherish the experience of the bliss arising out of the great union of Srivaishnavas if it were granted than attaining the lotus feet of the great Lord of unique glory who is not only eternal but is a self-made seed from which sprouted all the three worlds.
  8. I only long for the ultimate experience of mingling with the band of devotees of the Lord who created the cool ocean and lay over there with his peerless form spreading His innumerable feet, arms and heads. He resembles a massive Kalpa grove growing wild over a gem-mountain with the radiance of a thousand Suns emanating from it.
  9. The Lord who has multiple weapons such as the Discus, Conch, Dagger, Bow and Mace, destroys the evil effects of His devotees’ Karma. He is youthful and father of the beautiful love-god Manmatha of five-arrow fame. I only long to be subservient to the devotees of the devotees of the devotees of the Lord.
  10. I only wish for, in this life and forever, the boon to be born in the family of subservient devotees of my masters who are devotees of the devotees of the devotees of the dark-hued Lord with four arms holding flowers and wielding a Discus.

As Phala Sruti, in the final Paasuram, the Azhwar says that those who master this decad will be blessed with a good wife, pious children and a happy domestic life, which would go a long way in our divine pursuit.

With this Note, concludes the series ‘The Esteem Of Bhagavathas In Azhwars’ Outlook’.

Meet you in the next Note.

எங்கள் தூப்புல் பிள்ளை பாதம் என் சென்னியதே!

Natteri P. Srihari (a) Lakshmi Narasimhacharyar

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